For those that are super cool and in the know about Skyrim being one of the bestest and most funnest RPG video games of the century (yes, I know the century is young and I know that’s a lot of bad grammar) you’ll be especially interested in these pages a student showed me.

Dovahzul, the language of the dragons, has it’s own alphabet (of course, you knew that already).

We’ve got a dictionary, a spelling and pronunciation guide, and a translator to impress your friends and family. Be that person that uses Thume in their corporate meeting today! Impress your classmates with your expertise!

And for those that are Dovahzul language speakers:

Fah daar tol los zinul krahus ahrk ko mindok do Keizaal nahlii gein do zok pruzaan ahrk zok funnest RPG bodilir kred do beneruvos (yes, Zu’u mindok beneruvos los goraan ahrk Zu’u mindok tolro kung do volzah rot-thun you’ll kos suranmiik kusahraal ko daar siith prustiik genun zey.

Dovahzul, tinvok do dovah, lost niidro meyar golrosik (of rahlo, hi knew tol nalkun.

We’ve ofaal sikdey stav ahrk rot-komeyt aak, ahrk rotuniik wah vreyviis hin fahdon ahrk ragnavir. Kos tol jor tol nuft Thume ko niist grind dahsul! Vreyviis hin classmates voth hin expertise!

(I’m quite sure this is 100% accurate, but not really)

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