Taking the information from the script and turning into a visual representation of the story isn’t a simple cut and paste activity. There’s a lot left over for interpretation sometimes. Maybe it’s all the director, maybe the producer is running the creative vision, maybe it’s a collaboration with multiple heads coming together to shot-by-shot figure out how to take the written word and turn it into visual entertainment.

Pick a script, any script (as long as your parents would approve) and review it. Think about the scripts you’ve written and see if there’s anything you could have done differently. Maybe you were heavy on the dialogue and gave nothing on setting. Maybe you didn’t mention sound once. Does it matter? design-thinking-replacement

You’re going to see how the director’s choose to represent five minutes of script in its visual format. So, take five pages (that’ll be roughly five minutes in the film) and compare those five pages to the actual scene(s) it covers. You may need to watch it a few times.

Write a blog post on what you expected and what was different. Were there any surprises or total script changes? Tell us about those five minutes as compared to the script. Once you’ve written the blog, post the link as a comment on this post. This is due May 25, 2018.


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