We’ve taken a look at different camera shots, we’ve even completed short films that used a variety of camera shots. What we’ll do now is look at the effects of different camera shots, and for that we’ll look to the professionals. We’re going to look at two things:

  1. What camera shots are being used by the director/producer?
  2. What effect does this create for the audience (you)?

First thing we’ve got to do is pick a film. Now, for the purpose of camera shots, I’d like us to all choose films that are live action. What does that mean? It means that there are real people and not cartoons in the film.

Have you chosen a film?

Next, get ready to watch five minutes of the film over… and over… and over… and over again. You’re going to pick a scene transition from some point in the middle of the film, it doesn’t matter what the scene is or what’s going on. You can choose any scene to begin, and then you’ll be watching the following five minutes for this project.


A) Watch the five minutes of film to review the material.

B) Keep the remote close-by. Now watch the five minutes again but pausing at each camera transition.

C) At each camera transition, you need to write down what type of camera shot it is. Try to be specific. Check out the blog post on camera shots and angles for resources about the different types of camera shots. Some of these camera shots will only be a few seconds or even a split second long. Don’t cheat yourself, try to describe each shot.

D) For each camera shot/angle used, think about the effect it has on the audience (you). Would it change the film if it had been from another angel? Why do you think the director chose this angle, what did they want you to pay attention to? What does the shot focus your attention on? You may need to watch this small piece many times.

E) Write a blog post, listing all the camera shots and your thinking FOR EACH ONE (Do not post a summary paragraph for the overall five minutes). I expect to see a list of camera shots, each with a short paragraph explaining what the effect was on you, the audience. Once you’ve completed your blog post, come back to this post and make a comment. Your comment will give – Your Name and a link to your blog post.


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