How to write a (pretty bad) musical


As a try-hard song writer, I try my best to write songs. So far, it’s going alright but I enjoy writing songs for musicals since you can basically write about anything. Here are a few steps to learn how to write a basic musical.

  1. Have a relatable bi-furious protagonist. In most musicals such as Falsettos or Dear Evan Hansen, there are characters that seem interest in men but also have a liking to women as well. The character needs to also be retable, in a high school themed musical, make the character awkward or the school loser. This helps the audience relate to a character more.
  2. SHIPPING. Have a subtle gay romance between two characters like Dear Evan Hansen’s Connor and Evan or Hamilton’s John and Alexander. Usually, this brings lots of fangirls who are into boys/girls love into your fandom.
  3. THE TEAR-BREAKER SONG. Songs like Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from Phantom Of The Opera or For Good from Wicked are tear-jerking songs and arguably some of best songs for musicals. If someone cries, you know it is a good song.
  4. Have at least one really cute innocent character. There character is the one that EVERYONE in the fandom loves and will die over. This character has at least two songs that they sing and is the bi-furious protagonist’s love interest.
  5. Lastly, make it relatable. Most people who are into broadway are teens ages 12-19. They needs characters that they need to relate to and music that brings out their feelings. Make the lyriucs as honest and as heart-felt as possible.

Now, you know how to write a musical. Have fun trying get on Broadway (or at-least get into Starkid Productions)

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