First of all, you may think that if you spend under an hour a day on a video game, your grades will be intact, but you might be wrong.  Recent study’s show, that if you play an average of 40 minuets a day, your grades will stay the same, not increase.  Most A+ students spend an average of 9 minuets on video games daily.  However, if you play about half an hour a day after you get your school work done, there is more of a chance of your grades being fine.

Some kids become addicted to video games and favor video games over grades, these people usually go home and the first thing they do is play video games.  This is bad because playing video games every day can actually decrease grades.

So parents, or kids concerned about grades, you can still play video games, and some of them might even help with grades, but do not play too much, and only play after you finish school work.

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