This quarter we’re going to have students complete another contribution to another blog not their own, mine. I expect students to have an idea or a topic by 1/19/18 on what they’ll write about after reviewing my blog and the topics covered.

Students will be given access to my blog as a contributor, they’ll submit their blog post and edit the blog post before submission to ensure that it follows guidelines. The following guidelines are similar to what students should be doing in their own blog, but it’s their blog and they may write as they wish. Those guidelines are as follows:

  • No grammar and/or spelling errors. It’s difficult to read a blog post that doesn’t follow any language requirements concerning grammar and/or spelling. Make sure that punctuation is done correctly, capitalization is used in the proper places, and words are spelled correctly.
  • The topic must conform to my blog’s general topics or somehow relate to the ongoing discussion taking place within my blog. For example, students wouldn’t write about sports for my blog. I follow some sports (Go Warriors!) but that’s not what this blog is about.
  • Post submissions will adhere to some basic tenants of decency. There will be no inappropriate content. If music or videos are added, they will be free of any inappropriate language or visuals. Language in the blog post will be free of any and all inappropriate language including swearing, derogatory words or phrases, easily misconstrued innuendos, and/or slang words not generally recognized by a larger audience (that means old people like me are familiar with it).
  • Each blog post will include a “Feature Image” that relates to the content in some way. I appreciate humor in my posts, so funny images that could relate are acceptable.
  • Students will enter the correct Category and will add any and all Tags that could be added to the post.
  • Students will Cross-post the blog post onto their own blog. At the end of their blog post for Teaching Titans there should be a notice that the same post is also on their site and should include a link to that site’s post.

Unless all guidelines listed above are met, the student’s work will not be accepted and a zero grade will be given.

On Friday, 1/19/18, students will be asked to choose a week that they’ll have their final submission. The initial turn-in will be by Wednesday of the week before so that there is time for editing and review. When students have chosen a week, a notation will be made in Power School under the assignment for each student relaying what week was chosen and when the rough draft will need to be completed. Late work will not be accepted. There will be two student blog posts each week, starting Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, 2018.

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