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You may have access to! What is that, you say? is only the most trusted library of training videos in the professional community for a wide range of endeavors.

They offer full length courses for everything from “Become a Film Producer” and “Become a Video Editor” to “Become an Ethical Hacker”. There are courses for the least trained to the highly trained looking for training in the minutia of their field. You can watch tutorials to get an idea what’s involved, or use them as walk-throughs which can guide you step-by-step on nearly any task in tech you’d desire.

You have to pay for a subscription, usually. But here’s the deal, some public libraries give you a free account. If you’ve got a public library card, go to your library’s online page to make sure you’ve got an account set-up. Then, go to and input your library card number and your pin number that you’d use for the library. Bam! You’ve just been given access to an extensive list of online training videos.


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Teacher extraordinaire at Hercules Middle School. ELA for 6th graders plus Film and Multimedia are the classes de jour. I'm always interested in learning new things, discovering new ways to use technology in the classroom, and expanding my pedagogy skills.

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