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Film Project 1 – Camera Shots and Angles

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DUE NOV. 17, 2017

The first Film Project I would like students to focus on is a study of camera shots and angles. When we watch a film, the camera angle can make us feel differently about the scene, about the character or setting, and the director can use these shots and angles to manipulate the audience’s reactions throughout the film. They’re powerful tools for any film maker.

Take a look.

The Close-up shot conveys the emotional status of a character. It gives us a personal look at them, without getting too intimate.


While the Extreme Close-Up almost seems to give an internal look at the mind of the character since we see so closely the emotions on their face. It’s as up close and personal as you can get. In this example, the director also used the extreme close-up to portray what the protagonist was looking at, similar to an over the should shot.


The Over the Shoulder shot, similar to the POV shot, shows the viewer what the character sees from their view.


But, a POV shot can be used in a lot of different ways to portray the state of mind and the experience of the character.



There are a lot of different shots, and a good director will take into account how each one will affect the viewer and what would work best for their film shots. There are also some great camera tricks and angles (The New York Film Academy makes it difficult to add a link that can be very powerful.

My favorite is the Dolly Zoom, or the Push-Pull.

The effect is done by pulling the camera back while simultaneously zooming into the character, giving it a ‘the world’s crashing into you’ kind of feeling.

For this assignment, you’re expected to use the following camera shots and angles for a passing grade or 35/50:

The Wide Shot, the Close-up, the Extreme Close-up, the Over-the-Shoulder, and the Establishing Shot. Also use the Low-Angle Shot and the High-Angle Shot.

For full credit of 50/50 include the following:

The Dolly Zoom, the Noddy Shot, and the POV.



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