Second Quarter Film Projects

The second quarter is upon us and we’re notching up the expectations. There will be FOUR film projects due this quarter. Those projects are more defined, and I’ll create a seperate post for each one and review it with the students. But for now, so that those creative juices can get flowing, those four film projects will entail:

  1. A study of camera angles/shots.
  2. An interview of a teacher or support staff at HMS
  3. A short film with a formatted and pre-submitted script.
  4. Anything goes, but must follow film guidelines.

We’re going to to look further into editing, splitting video and adding music, but most importantly adding opening and closing credits. All videos for the remainder of the year will require opening and closing credits for submission. We’ll also look closer at the role of the Director and the Producer.

Leave a comment if you’ve got any questions or suggestions. My door is always open.

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