For your health

I’m excited about the myriad of shows kids are producing. Remember, everyone needs to complete two Film Projects this quarter. The gradebook for the quarter ends on Oct. 20, 2017. The only stipulation is that each film has to be of a different genre. Every film needs to be approved upon completion and then we’ll upload them to the school’s YouTube channel.

For the Film and Multimedia class, multimedia permission slips needed to be completed by today. Students will be dropped from the course if that hasn’t been completed. End of quarter will be the first showing of who is participating in class activities, and those students that are simply using class time to hang out are a distraction to those students working hard on their projects. I’ll be requesting to have those students dropped, as well. At this time, I’m not anticipating that it’ll be necessary, but there are many students that still haven’t completed their two film projects, so time will tell.

For Summit students! We are about half way through with the first project, Stories and Storyboards. We’ll finish the week following grades, so students will be given an (I)ncomplete if they’re missing Power Focus Areas in my course or a (P)ass for completion. There is no further grade to be given since no project, or Cognitive Skills have been scored. Grades will be updated once the final project is completed.

Parents, please help students keep track of their timeline and the focus areas and projects they should be working on. Remember, students should be doing Focus Area review every night for homework. If it’s spread around, it’s much less work and students will be prepared for Content Assessments on Wednesdays. We’ve seen that there clearly isn’t enough PLT at school on Wednesdays, so students do need to review at home.

I’ve started to meet with my Mentor Group this week. Finding the right time to meet with students is difficult, but I’m confidant that we’ll work through the wrinkles and start seeing each other every week soon. You can always contact me if there’s anything that should be brought to my attention, regardless if it’s happening in my or another teacher’s class, or an issue that’s taking place here at school. Parents can always email me or Reach Out.

We’re on the third Checkpoint, Mini Socratic Prep and Reflection, and students will finish the Socratic Seminar Product next week if time permits (we’ve got a three day weekend). The week after will be Storyboarding and beginning our Explanation to the Director products. We are on track to complete the project by the end of October and begin our next project, Exploring Poetry.

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