First Quarter Deadline/Film and Multimedia

It’s been an amazing first quarter so far, and the students are doing phenomenal considering we have only a single microphone, but no lighting, recording, or editing equipment or software!

There are a few projects and assignments that need to be completed before the Quarter 1 deadline, Oct. 20.

  1. Each student needs to complete at least two film projects from different genres. More information can be found on my syllabus.
  2. Students need to continue completing their two blog posts each week. When a week passes by, then it’s too late to complete the posts for that week. It defeats the purpose otherwise.
  3. Students have been assigned guest posts. They’ll need to work with two other students in class and collaborate on writing a blog post for the other student’s blog. Posts can be cross-posted to their own blog for their weekly credit, as well.

The projects in #1 make up 50% of the final grade, so students that do not complete them will see a significant drop in grades. Students with a failing grade at the end of the semester will be dropped from the class.

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