Student Videos!

The Potatoroids: And a new segment is being teased, The Real Classmates of HMS:

Follow Me!

Students have been asked to participate in writing blog posts for each other, so we should be seeing some interesting conglomerations of ideas and genres between those posts. I want students to maintain some of their own personality and blog theme, staying true to what they generally post, but find a way to incorporate their…

Media Release

It’s long been past time. Students need to complete and turn-in their media release forms. They can pick them up at the library. Make sure to check “YES” on all three options. Student without a media release form filled out will be dropped from Film and Multimedia on Oct. 6, 2017.

No Class Friday

I apologize, but I’ve called in sick. Please let other students know. No A period today, Sept. 22.


Please contact me or come see me in room 307 for more information about joining the Tobacco Use Prevention Education program.

Summit Classes

Just an update for parents and students in my ELA Summit course. We’ve reached the fifth week of school, we’re working on the Stories and Storyboards project. For PLT, Power Focus Areas, students should have completed Reading Strategies 6 by now. Never fear, if they haven’t mastered that skill yet they’ll continue working on it…

Create Your Own Children’s Book

Storybird has got a user friendly, super simple layout for creating your own children’s books. It’s really fun to do, the artists are amazing. I’ve created two in one day! It does take a while for the moderation to approve of the book though. Mine took a few weeks for the first one. The first is…

Donors Choose Project!

School-Wide Broadcasting! My students need TVs for school announcements/educator films and a scanner to check out materials. Televisions will be mounted throughout the school for morning announcements and educational videos broadcasting from the school YouTube channel.