Strut Your Stuff!

All my students are creating blogs. I’m asking them to post their blog URL and the name of their blog in the comments so anyone can follow them. Remember, for my students in Film and Multimedia, you’ll need to follow at least two of your peers’ blogs. Let’s try and help each other out as…

Rocking Out Department Meetings

We’re getting going, we’re moving forward, we’re on a roll! The Hercules Middle School English Department is getting our Smart Goals. We’re focusing on Claims and Evidence this year. Let’s cheer for a successful Department Meeting and for outstanding collaborative outcomes.

Morning Announcements 8/22/2017

Great job to Ian and Zach for doing the announcement for the first time! Great job to everyone that supported them with the announcements! Audio needs some improvement, we’ve got a microphone for Thursday, but we’re still waiting on the class equipment orders. As soon as tablets are out, we’ll get started on our blogs….