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I’ve got so many ideas, so many leads, so many options for technology and education that it’s hard to stay focused. It’s so easy to get mixed up and turned around by all the things life throws at us. I’m trying to look through the KQED Teach courses, which are free (YAY) but I’m also looking at for tutorials for myself and students in the new Film and Multimedia course this coming year.

It looks like schedules are complete, classes enrollment is finished – or as finished as it can be for now – and everything is moving forward. What’s everything, you ask. Well, we’ve got:

Summit School curriculum roll out for the 6th grade next year at Hercules Middle School. It’s an amazing program and I’m overjoyed to be part of the roll-out.

There’s construction on my classroom at the moment so it’s set up for Film and Multimedia, so I can’t get anything set up in my classroom yet.

I’m developing a curriculum for the Film and Multimedia class, hoping equipment and materials will come in on time and that I’ll have some time to familiarize myself with all of it.

I’m trying to develop my skills in film production and multimedia entertainment from the measly work I’ve done with my own self-starters.

Summer Session 2017 is finishing up next week, leaving three weeks until Professional Development and school starts for the upcoming academic year.

My son just turned three months and my daughter turns three next month. She’ll start preschool in a few weeks.

I’m building planter boxes for the back yard, I’ll need another 36 feet of 1×12″ boards to finish. I’m also building a wooden gate for the side fence, a shelving unit for the tool shed, and a sandbox for little people.

After over two years of failed attempts to get a publisher for my last novel, I’ve decided to self-publish again and am currently working with an artist on the cover. Hopefully, it will be released by Fall and available on Amazon by Thanksgiving.

And all the little stuff, yada, yada, yada.

I’m thinking about running for Department Head this upcoming school year, too.

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Teacher extraordinaire at Hercules Middle School. ELA for 6th graders plus Film and Multimedia are the classes de jour. I'm always interested in learning new things, discovering new ways to use technology in the classroom, and expanding my pedagogy skills.

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    Cool blog my dude!!!

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  2. this cat looks depressed


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