Technology Seems Hard Sometimes

As much as I may try and be prepared with questions and issues that will arise, the powers that be somehow find a way to confuse me.

The first day of Summer School 2017 is already expected to be a whirlwind for us educators. Whatever problems arise during the regular school year are quadrupled because of a lack of staffing, staff at unknown school sites, a rush of information, student and class changes continuously happening, and system/technology issues. As an Academic Coach this Summer, I’m tasked with going around and continuously checking on the faculty to see if I can help in any way.


It’s the details, those tiny little ones that slip through the cracks when you’ve got 40 noisy kids bustling around the room and you’re giving instructions to them as they move along, getting their tablets, trying to sign-in, thinking they know what to do but then going back for help, or just sitting quietly waiting until someone gives them special attention because all of it just seems like too much. It’s at those times that the tiny, obvious mistakes get over looked.

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  1. darin tran says:

    Why is she eating her tablet?


  2. Ella says:

    She wants to consume the knowledge, but she’s not really doing it right.

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  3. Zoey says:

    She wants more knowledge to grow smarter. And plus she is very mad at the computer for being slow, I guess.

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