It is, it really is. I’m not kidding. Ok. I get it. PD can be boring. There’s so much information, eyes are glossing over and saliva is dripping out of open mouths after what seems like eternity when it’s only been half an hour. That’s ok. There are plenty of benefits to PD, it’s almost too obvious for me to point out, but…

1. There’s bound to be something you don’t know. You’re there for a reason, even if you have to filter through hours of information you could have written a book on, there’s going to be something that even half awake will make your ears perk up and have you saying, “Heh. That’s good to know.”

2. You get to meet a bunch a people in your field. You do some schmoozing, you shake some hands, you’ll practice your platitudes and cliches, and you’ll have a great time doing it.

3. It’s a confidence builder. You’re bound to know something that helps someone else, and it always feels great when we can help someone. Or at the very least, you’ll learn so much that you’ll leave feeling ready to jump in the front lines shouting, “We… Are… Educators!”


Those are just the top three. Maybe you’ve got some ideas too. Why do you love PD?


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