Reaching Out *Redo

As a teacher, I’ve got zero qualms with asking for resources. I’ll send letters, emails, texts, tweets, and shout-outs every direction. As such is the case, I’ve been shamelessly asking everyone around, every RPG publisher, even GameStop and local comic shops, if they’d be willing to donate money or materials to our academic club, World of Dragons.

World of Dragons meets every Thursday after school, or did this year. We’ll see what day it is next school year or if we need to expand to two days. The kids learn about tabletop RPG games, character creation, story creation and DMing ( DM means Dungeon Master for the Geek Speak illiterate).

Recently, I’ve had two responses that I’m overjoyed to share, and so excited for the kids. TSR Games, the original publisher of Dungeons and Dragons over four decades ago, is doing a piece on the club for their Facebook page, and today I’ve learned that Evil Hat is making a donation of merchandise which we’ll receive over the summer.

I’m so thankful for these publishers. And it just goes to show, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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