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Hatchet Dioramas *Redo

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Students have been working on Hatchet Dioramas for a few weeks now and the results are amazing. Hatchet is a novel about a boy whose plane goes down in the Canadian wilderness and he learns to survive for 54 days before finally being rescued. Students were asked to choose any scene from the novel and create a diorama, a 3d representation, of that scene. Check out some of the submissions:

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Teacher extraordinaire at Hercules Middle School. ELA for 6th graders plus Film and Multimedia are the classes de jour. I'm always interested in learning new things, discovering new ways to use technology in the classroom, and expanding my pedagogy skills.

4 Comments on Hatchet Dioramas *Redo

  1. Hi. I’ve read the book before. It is really good.


  2. My class read Hatchet in fifth grade.

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  3. The dioramas look very cool but I’ve never read the book before.

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  4. I have read it too.


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